Bizarre Genetic Farming Making You Sick?

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Bizarre Genetic Farming Making You Sick?

The other day, I was at a friend’s house, and he made a comment. He said: “I don’t know anyone who is well.” It got me thinking. Why are people getting sicker, with vague weird symptoms?  Is it the new non- food, void of nutritional value? Today, our food is irradiated, pasteurized,  genetically modified, chemically and synthetically enhanced, ‘glued’, and now, ‘nano technology,’ with unknown health risks, has come into the food chain. Soon possibly we can add Genetically Engineered salmon, an example of a new trend towards bizarre  genetic farming.

Gross as it sounds, we are now talking about not just farmed salmon, but, yes, combining a salmon with an eel. Yum, could this be the new salmon ‘Milano a la eel’?  What will that do to your digestive health?

Could this be a toxic slew directly responsible for new diseases that appear to be emerging? What kind of society intentionally removes nutritional integrity from its food source, and people?  What kind of illness will emerge from eating non nutritious, irradiated, burned, genetically altered, chemically enhanced unreal food with nice photos and advertising campaigns?  All this, without your knowledge?

Do you want to know what you’re eating? I sure do.The idea behind the seemingly absurd new salmon-eel is that the salmon could theoretically grow to market size a year quicker, and would be up to 5 times bigger. Quicker, bigger, more money and feed more people, a ‘win-win’ solution, right? This insanity is about to be embraced by the government as ‘fine’. Will congress protect you? Today there are petitions asking the FDA not to approve the GE Salmon (Docket No. FDA–2011-N-0899 Genetically Engineered Salmon), but it barely makes the news, right?

In some of the European countries they are banning GM food. Many physicians in the USA are suggesting that their patients to stay away from GM foods. But, sadly, in the USA the labeling of GM food is not yet required. Therefore staying away from ‘changed’ food is a challenge despite recent consumer awareness, and opportunities to ‘vote’, (for instance recently in California -prop 1-522).

Fruits and vegetables, sound good, but, wait, while families are busy trying to make financial ends meet, unprocessed food is also quietly zapped with gamma radiation. I have not confirmed if organic food is exempt.  Perhaps, from a public health position this is a good idea, because, we are told, it gets rid of pests.

Where are the studies on food nutrition after radiation? What exactly is being irradiated is not  clear. The amount of radiation used appears to be significant, like hundreds of chest x-rays on your food.  These techniques are we are told, is for our protection.

Today we have an opportunity to change the direction, sign petitions, vote with purchase choices, and collectively come up with food alternatives rather than sitting back, being entertained and eating unlabeled GM popcorn. We have an opportunity to regain our health, strength, and awareness. The time is now. We don’t have to become a nation of sick people…but look around….what do you see?

To survive we need nutritious food. It is frightening to think that as a species we let profit driven corporations create and dictate what we eat, and then treat preventable illness with chemicals, burning, cutting, and shocking new ‘technology’ at our financial and psycho-social expense. We need to do something….’Knowledge is power’.



Article Source: GreenMedInfo

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