Environmental Experiments Affecting Your Health?

Environmental Experiments Affecting Your Health?

Environmental  Experiments Affecting Your Health?

It seems many more people are plagued with eye infections, nosebleeds, asthma, skin sores, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, allergies, gastro intestinal/digestive disorders, strange cancers, each seemingly weakening the immune system.  We appear to be  conditioned to expect immediate silver bullet quick fixes, (pills), while a merry-go-around of treatments ensue. Are ecological experiments possibly responsible for negative health consequences?

Economics seem to be the rulers of our day. What if weather manipulation was happening? Are we seeing ‘economics’ with ‘unintended’ consequences ? What?

Some researchers believe that our air is being manipulated with sprayed chemical soups designed to slow global warming (by blocking the sun), or other aerosol experiments to control weather for, maybe, agricultural purposes.  Wall Street might  benefit from ‘catastrophic’ weather related disasters, i.e., lets see, drought creating commodities failure?

Referred to as persistent contrails, (street named, chemtrails),  ‘lingering trails’ have been reported globally, causing increasing concern. Species are dying and are increasingly becoming extinct with staggering speed, causing alarm among scientists.

Yet skeptics assume the white spray is ice from condensation and the parallel patterns are simply air traffic, i.e., more planes. Yet, some prominent researchers claim there are complicated secretive weather-research or tele-communication projects that require specific aerosol release.

Persistent contrails might be a tinyl part of a huge emerging field aimed at changing, controlling, the earth, and you. In scientific circles, the term, geo-engineering is becoming more acceptable, believed to be a solution for perceived global warming.

In 2004, seven tons of iron-sulphate particles were scattered in the southern ocean near Antarctica, as an experiment to ‘absorb’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The idea was that phytoplankton, (tiny marine vegetation) would feed on iron plus their natural diet of CO2, and then sink to the bottom of the ocean, taking CO2 with them. Spraying iron into the ocean, as in, fertilizing the ocean? Is anyone concerned about this in terms of screwing with the food chain? Spraying what?

The paper, just published this July 18th in Nature, (scientific magazine) revealed that an international collaboration of scientists worked together to create this experiment 8 years ago, to create an engineered algal bloom . They published that at least 50 percent of the algae blooms sank to the ocean floor as they died, taking away some carbon dioxide. This was considered a small experiment.

Phytoplankton, essential to our food chain, is crucial for the health of marine life.In a 2010 study published in Nature, a decrease in phytoplankton concentrations since the 1950’s have decreased by 40%, so it may not be wise to be ‘messing’ around with them. According to Wired Science, Algal Blooms could have caused the last ice age.

Engineering nature is a growing field with unknown consequences embraced by corporations jumping on the trend.  Between spraying the air, spraying the seas, genetically modifying food, adding chemicals to food, forced fluoridated water, newly released ‘flying syringes’ (engineered mosquitoes), it is easy to understand why we are facing increased strange illness everywhere.

One cannot deny that there appears to be an increase in odd new emerging illnesses, or that we are witnessing some earth changes. Maybe new technologies are ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’. Call them solutions to problems, or maybe, new technologies with hiccups. Learn what you can about your environment and how you can dodge toxic brews, if you can.











Article Source: GreenMedInfo

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