7 Ways Melatonin Acts as a Breast Cancer Inhibitor

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7 Ways Melatonin Acts as a Breast Cancer Inhibitor

For those that seek natural relief from insomnia, melatonin often comes to mind. Melatonin has been shown to be very effective in improving sleep issues in some individuals, but it also has many other lesser known applications.

Melatonin is secreted by a little gland deep within the brain (the pineal gland), and in even greater amounts in the gastrointestinal system where it functions in a highly protective capacity.1 Higher concentrations of melatonin are produced at night and when there is total darkness.

Unfortunately, the exposure of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones and other wireless and electronic devices may suppress the production of melatonin from the pineal gland and/or interfere with melatonin’s anti-estrogenic properties within breast cells.

How does the suppression of melatonin production impact the body?

Melatonin displays highly specific cytotoxic properties within cancer cells, capable of targeting cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed, and is therefore considered an ideal anti-tumor agent.

Here are a few ways that Melatonin may prove to be a powerful ally for you in protecting your health:

Melatonin Acts as a Breast Cancer Inhibitor

1) Melatonin puts Breast Cancer cells to sleep.

David E. Blask, MD, PhD, a widely acclaimed expert in cancer biology demonstrated that night time melatonin blood levels directly suppressed human breast cancer cell growth.

He found that Melatonin put breast cancer cells to sleep and slowed Breast Cancer growth by 70%.

According to Dr. Blask, “Nighttime melatonin is a relevant anticancer signal to human breast cancers. Ninety percent of human breast cancers have specific receptors for this signal.”

When Blask’s team exposed laboratory mice with human breast cancers cells to constant light, the breast tumor growth dramatically increased.

2) Melatonin protects from estrogen overdose

There is a new buzz word in the environment called “Xenoestrogens”. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that actually mimic estrogen in the body. Persistently high levels of estrogen have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Examples of xenoestrogens are insecticides, pesticides, food preservatives such as BHA, hormones injected into meats and dairy cows, plastics, parabens in skin care products, 4 MBC in sunscreens, and the list goes on…..

3) Melatonin counteracts the effect of estrogen on breast cancer cell growth

4) Melatonin has an anti-carcinogenic role in inhibiting cancer cell growth and in reducing oxidative stress.

5) Melatonin is a suitable treatment for reducing the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation, for women who choose conventional medical therapies.

6) Melatonin causes cancer cells to die.

7) Melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant with immune enhancing properties. Melatonin also reduced the risk of death in cancer patients in a study conducted in Ontario Canada.

Since melatonin production peaks in the darkness, make sure that your bedroom is completely light free. Even a small light from a small dental appliance in your bathroom can disturb melatonin production. Also, clear out the electronic gadgets from your bedroom since EMF’s have a strong impact on reducing the effectiveness of melatonin.

For women that are trying to be proactive with prevention or are on a Breast Cancer healing journey, optimizing your melatonin levels will insure that you can enjoy a restful sleep, knowing melatonin is hard at work for you.

1. Jolanta Jaworek, Tomasz Brzozowski, Stanislaw Jan Konturek. Melatonin as an organoprotector in the stomach and the pancreas. J Pineal Res. 2005 Mar ;38(2):73-83. PMID: 15683461

Article Source: GreenMedInfo

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