The Principles of GreenMedInfo Grassroots

The Principles of GreenMedInfo Grassroots

All of us need to know, unequivocally, what we stand for in life.  We join organizations which resonate deeply with our value system, our core life principles, our unique moral code, as well as other touchstones of personal integrity.  Therefore we are compelled to offer the following central organizing principles of GreenMedInfo Grassroots for your review and serious consideration.

The Principles of GreenMedInfo Grassroots

I.  Health Freedom for every person within this organization, no matter what their nationality, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

II.  Freedom to grow our own food and raise our own livestock without government interference.

III.  Protection of property from environmental assaults by any form of government, corporation or other party which has unlawfully arrogated such power unto itself.

IV.  Protection of our person from products and services which have been shown to be injurious to health, damaging to property or harmful to the general living environment

V.  Freedom to engage those healing arts/sciences and treatment modalities which have been proven to be effective, safe and life-affirming.

VI.  Complete and unfettered freedom to opt out of any government sponsored program which has not been scientifically proven to be safely administered to the human organism.

VII.  Declaration of an indefinite moratorium on all government and corporate practices which are not free from serious unintended consequences, collateral damage or toxic side effects to all human, animal, and plant life.

VIII.  Special protection and safeguarding of the global environment and all of it intricately woven ecosystems.

IX.  Advocacy for a full disclosure on the part of government and regulated industries regarding any negative impacts or deleterious influences which derive from generally accepted standards of corporate conduct.

X.  A full review of all relevant statutes which confer the status of personhood upon the commercial and business entity known as the CORPORATION.

We begin with these ten pillars of our platform, and welcome any input or feedback which might clarify or appropriately elucidate them further.

Together we can forge a new destiny for humankind, but it can only occur in a manner that fully respects the sovereignty and sacredness of all life on planet Earth.  These central organizing principles go a long way toward ensuring a successful outcome, if they are consistently adhered to by the current race of humanity.

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