Are Your Supplements Genetically Modified?


Are Your Supplements Genetically Modified?

We all want a strong immune system, and have been sold the benefits of vitamin supplementation. So we buy, and consume the contents in the pretty packages, hoping that we will be ‘healthier’.  We buy a dream of health without questioning what we swallow. Yet, especially today we need to think twice before consuming anything! Education is the key towards healthy living, especially in a time (ours) when so much is being ‘engineered’, ‘altered’.  The source of that which is consumed should be considered.

What if vitamins and the supplements have unintended toxins that can actually damage health instead of improving health?  It is no secret that China is more polluted than any other place on earth, and sadly many supplements, powders, fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in China are exported to North America for use.  Supplements are huge business, and through brilliant marketing have become part of our dietary landscape. However there are at least 10 chemicals in supplements to consider. For example, vitamin C, (Ascorbic Acid), is now often made with modified corn. That is, GMO corn. Same with Maltodextrin, a food additive, found in supplements.

Other hidden potential toxic ingredients, are Hexane, a component of gasoline, which is extracted from soy. Hexane extraction is also used in the manufacture of textured vegetable protein (TVP), sometimes used for soy burgers. Long term toxicity has not been determined yet. However, aluminum, found in some vitamins, can create gastro intestinal problems, and nervousness. Lets not omit lead and arsenic, and inorganic minerals.  Your body wants organic minerals from plants, not inorganic minerals from chemistries, or metallic waste.

Acrylamides, which have been shown to cause kidney cancer, are often found in fried snack chips for example. Remember MSG? Today it is often camouflaged. Other names for MSG are  ‘yeast extract’, ‘autolyzed yeast extract’, ‘torula yeast’ or ‘hydrolyzed vegetable’. This can be found hidden in canned soups, chips, and ‘vegetarian processed products’. MSG toxicity can cause headache, sweating, facial tightness, numbing and burning feelings in the mouth, shortness of breath, chest pain and heart palpitations.  Fluoride  is sometimes in vitamins as well. Yikes.

There are still good herbals and supplements. However times have changed and many companies are more about moving product than providing ethical and quality supplements. Labels are what we rely on, yet some manufacturers do not want you to know! Just look at the labeling process for GM!

Have you heard about the new nano  (‘nanoceuticals’)?  This latest technology along with the controversial GMO alteration may not be wise for the proliferation of life. Sickness could happen as a result of innocent supplementation. Read labels often, it is all we have. Learn as much as possible about your supplements consumed, i.e. sources and ingredients. Get smart with supplements.  It’s a matter of life and health.

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Article Source: GreenMedInfo

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