Texas school bans sunscreen, considers it toxic substance


School Bans SunscreenThis one took us by surprise.  I have to agree with the school who banned sunscreen that yes, even doctors like Dr Oz have done whole articles and segments on the fact your sunscreen might be poisoning you. 

I also know that a child getting sunburned isn’t a good idea. I showed this article to 2 doctors. One said great, and get the kids a cheap 8 dollar UV shirt and a hat like they used to wear instead of rubbing on toxins.  The other doc was slightly horrified. Funny how opinions differ like that.

School Bans Sunscreen

Even the NIH (National Institute of Health) announced that we  have an epidemic in this country where people (including children) have severe Vitamin D deficiencies as they are at an all time low since levels could be measured.  It might surprise some skeptics that yes, the Harvard school of Medicine says that Vitamin D wards off a number of cancers and diseases (like breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis amongst other killers)

My grandmother (who liked a long great life) always told me to get a little sun every day. Being strawberry blonde this kept me from getting burnt if I did get stuck outside in a line or event (without that toxic sunscreen) Actually I will use a few organic brands when really necessary but I’m more prone to carry a large fashionable hat and a wrap.  I do listen to what my Grandma taught me and always get at least 15 minutes a day. Remember, the darker your skin is the more sun you need. Fair Irish people like me can get our daily dose in a shorter time than someone who hails from Africa or South America. It’s a fact.

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  • Chuck Bluestein

    What is the best protection against sunburn? I am half Irish and half Jewish so I am white. I live in southern Arizona and I will do hikes for hours and do not wear a hat but I do not get sunburn. So what is the best protection against sunburn?

    The answer is suntan! I sunbathe. Very frail people can get strong lifting weights. Very pale people can get a dark suntan. Very stiff people can get flexible doing yoga. A study shows that the more flexible people are (measured ability to touch toes), the more flexible that their arteries are. You cannot get too much vitamin D from sunlight.

  • Michael Givens

    Can you suggest any natural products that don’t sport the toxic chemicals?